Nurturing Nature Through Wonder: Part 4


Wonder is in "wow" moments in nature, is in the ordinary, and is also in the human species. If we could tap into wonder of the miracle of our own existence, not just in babies and the geniuses, what might our lives look like to see beauty in all the faces around us all the time?  When considering other humans we ask:

            How are we here at all?
            What are we thinking and feeling? 
            How can we build bridges and go into 
            Why is it that we can be kind given all the 
            challenges of life?

            From my experience as a minister and conservationist, one of the biggest spiritual challenges I see for us is to see wonder in our own kind. We need to leave behind the sense of being bored, or blaming others, which is often summed with a dismissive and eye rolling expression of, Dude!

            Instead we move to a softer and more grateful expression of  Dude! 
            Say it with me please and then look at those around you.  DUDE! 

            Those around you are also you,-their wonder and beauty is yours, as is the whole worlds.  We need to own how awesome is our thinking, feeling, actions, and presence in the world.  If we do not wonder at ourselves, we shut down the possibility to marvel and connect with all of life. This takes practice. So let us practice now with me. Repeat after me, I'm good!  I'M GOOD!

            Now, let's put it all together what we learned in this four part series on nurturing nature through wonder.  Please repeat after me.

            WOW. REALLY? DUDE I'M GOOD!

            It's in our nature to wonder, and to nurture nature, ours, theirs, the earth's.   Let us do it for ourselves and for all life.