Nurture Nature Program

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Nurturing Nature:  Loving Animal Nature Through Multispecies Intelligence

Two Part Webinar
7:00 - 8:15 p.m.
Tuesdays, 7 p.m.
October 4, 11th
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Coming Webinars
Ecological Intelligence:  October 25, November 1st
Spiritual Intelligence:  November 29, December 6th

Nurture Nature Program

One Earth Conservation's Nurture Nature Program aims to inspire, motivate, educate, and support people to take care of themselves, their organizations, other individuals of all species, and the biotic community as a whole by developing their awareness and understanding of nature, especially human nature as it relates to all of nature. Participants will then be able to leverage this awareness and understanding to nurture themselves and others, leading to the growth of more efficient and resilient nurturers and naturers for the benefit of all life.

There is no final arriving, for nurturing and naturing exists along a continuum. No matter where you are or under which circumstances you were born or developed, you can move along the continuum, ever growing your capacity and resilience to be nourished, and to nurture nature. Nurturing Nature is a lifetime practice ever refining and more greatly embodying the understanding that all beings are interconnected to each other in beauty, worth, and well-being.   

The Nurture Nature Program invites people into this vision and practice of interbeing, which is based on these tenets:

1.  All individuals of all species have inherent worth and dignity (all bodies are beautiful, have worth, and matter).

2.  All individuals of all species are connected to each other in worth and beauty.

3.  We are also connected in harm, benefit, health, well-being, and existence.  What is done to another, is done to all of us. 

4.  Embracing this reality, humans grow in belonging to this wondrous planet and the life upon it, and so embraced and nurtured, can nurture in return.

5.  This reality of interbeing makes us both powerful and vulnerable, therefore, we need each other to grow and to heal as much as possible.

6.  Humans are a plastic species, and can change, both individually and as families, organizations, communities, and societies. We can become more effective and joyful nurturers  and naturers. This is hard, deep, intentional, and a lifetime's work.

The Nurture Nature program consists of workshops, online webinars, classes, and printed material. To see our upcoming events, read below.  If you'd like a free Nurture Nature guide, please sign up to receive it my filling out your email address to the left (for getting our Newsletter and the Guide).

Nurture  Nature Retreats

 and Workshops

A Video Invitation of the Workshop

Arrange an Event to Suit Your Organization

Give yourself a chance to be nourished by arranging for Rev. Dr. LoraKim to speak or work with you as a group or individually. Your payment will help sustain her work in the world, which includes donating her time to conservation efforts in Central America. You may also donate your time, funds, wisdom, and experience directly to One Earth.  She serves as public speaker, consultant in psittacine conservation and avian medicine, and the human dimensions of conservation.  She offers presentations, workshops, webinars, and on-site consultation.

Your organization will:
  •    Obtain guidance in staying engaged with your work
  •    Learn how to witness both beauty and tragedy in nature
  •    Find deeper meaning and purpose
  •    Learn tools to offer empathy and compassion to yourselves and others of all species
  •    Gain experience and tools for avian conservation medicine

I would like to help your dream of fulfilling and nourishing human and ecological communities. Let's dream and work together!

Rev. Dr. LoraKim Joyner

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