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One Earth's Goals in 2016

Guatemala Yellow-naped Amazon Conservation: Saving the yellow-naped amazon
Regional Yellow-headed Amazon Conservation: Taking a Stand (Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico)
Nicaragua Scarlet Macaw Conservation:  Another Lap for Lapas at Coseg├╝ina Volcano
Nicaragua Yellow-naped Conservation: Islands of Hope (Ometepe, Macarroncito)
Honduras Parrot Conservation:  Disease Screening and Capacity Building for Liberation
Nicaragua Great-Green and Scarlet Macaw Conservation:  Partnering with People Protecting Their Parrots - Rio San Juan
Paraguay Macaw and Vinaceous Amazon Conservation: Finding Parrots and the People to Protect Them
Latin American Wild Psittacine Health Collaboratory

Expansion of Honduras project                                                                                                                                                          
              Includes a truck for women's cooperative, education,
              full nest protection, and support of the Rescue and
              Liberation Center of Mabita, Honduras

For these project and others, make a tax deductible check to:
Foster Parrots - One Earth Conservation
 One Earth Conservation
466 Rosedale Avenue
White Plains, NY  10605

Or pay directly through PayPal (non tax deductible, but 100% proceeds go directly to conservation with no overhead or administration costs):

Order a Wrist Band

For every wrist band your order, either in yellow-naped amazon or scarlet macaw colors, you allow One Earth to donate a wrist band to conservation teams within Latin America. Each band says "parrot fly free" in English and Spanish, and the scarlet macaw one is also written in Miskito. These bands signify solidarity and let conservation teams know that they are not alone. To order, send your address and a $5 check to:

Dr. LoraKim Joyner, One Earth Conservation
466 Rosedale Avenue
White Plains, NY  10605

Whatever you decide to do, it's not so important whether you care for those near or far. For in caring for one bird, you care for them all. In caring for them you also care for yourself for as you give, you receive the joy of nurturing beauty in this world.