Scarlet Macaw Gestalt - We Are Flying Free With Them!

I have been working with scarlet macaws for nearly six years, and have seen them flying free during all that time. Some of these birds are wild flocks completely untouched by human communities, and others are well managed wild flocks or liberated flocks, such as seen here in this video. I never tire of watching them fly and interact with their environment.

This is true of other species of parrots as well. In fact, after working with wild parrots for 25 years in Latin America, my brain has rewired around them where there is less and less of a sense of separation between them and me.

It surprised me then when I watched this video of a scarlet macaw liberation project in Costa Rica that I had a sudden and shifted perspective.  I really felt like I was flying with them, and seeing their liberation, inspired these sentiments in me: freedom, beauty, and power.  My own human consciousness, different surely from that of avians, was enlarged, opened, and blessed.

Thank you dear macaws and macaw conservationists.