Nicaragua Scarlet Macaw Conservation: Another Lap for Lapas at Cosegüina Volcano

Nicaragua Scarlet Macaw Conservation

Another Lap for the Lapas at Cosegüina Volcano

With funds donated by One Earth in 2013 and again in 2014, this project greatly advanced.  A dedicated group of volunteer biologists have explored this steep terrain, studying the habitat health for macaw foraging and nesting.  They found 3 active scarlet macaw (lapa) nests.  They were able to estimate the population to be approximately 10, which is dramatically low especially because this is a fragmented habitat far from any other wild flocks of macaws. Furthermore this is the last area on the Pacific Slope of Central America where this subspecies of scarlet macaws exists, so the world should not want to see this small population disappear.  Unfortunately the biologist team also documented that poaching occurs. To combat poaching and the illegal logging in the park, the biologists teamed up with a coalition of partners and received funding from other sources for education programs in the surrounding communities. They also have funds for patrols that will protect the nests.  We will continue to support their monitoring efforts during the 2015 breeding season with funds carried over from 2014.   Dr. Joyner will also continue to support them with consultation and networking.  An update of this project can be found here, and a preliminary report here.

This project will continue in 2015.