Naragua Great-Green and Scarlet Macaw Conservation: Partnering with People Protecting Their Parrots - Rio San Juan

Nicaragua Great-Green and Scarlet Macaw Conservation

Partnering with People Protecting Their Parrots in Rio San Juan

Dr. Joyner visited the Rio San Juan area in 2014 to see how she could contribute to the macaw conservation work in this area that borders with Costa Rica.  Though many nests have been lost due to poaching and habitat loss, our partner, Fundación del Rio, has worked diligently for 25 years with the communities there. They have found a way for the remaining nests to be protected by ranch owners.  We supported this conservation work this year by providing a stipend for a community leader in the area who monitors the nests and provided environmental and conservation education to the schools there.  By working with Fundación del Rio we support its strong presence within the communities, provide scientific help to understand the population status and health of the chicks and nests, and also plan to bring in tours of people to improve the economic realities of the people there who have the consciousness to protect their birds.  A report of the expedition is here, and a report of the work we helped fund can be found here.

This project will continue in 2015.

Current Partners: